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PHPB2B website system (PHPB2B) is a program based on PHP and Mysql database to open source MVC framework based B2B trade portal e-commerce site Station system, the system code is complete, open source, full-featured, fine structure, provide a good user experience, multi-language-based and management platform, is built B2B trade portal, the best procedure.

At beginning in 2007, PHPB2B has been committed to industry B2B e-commerce and the development of open source, has released version 1.0 to 3.3 and other programs, continuously improve the procedural framework, to add system functionality, making PHPB2B the same time become one of the earliest open source B2B is the most open source users.

PHPB2B system with the system features include:
MVC rigorous procedural framework: the system uses Smarty template engine, the separation of templates and procedures, database operations, you can quickly and easily create templates;

Rich data call Tags: system comes with dozens of Web site data call label, through which text labels, combined with templates, you can quickly and efficiently configure the Web site data;
Corporate top-level domain, two domain names, and full control of static sites, administrators can easily achieve more in the background operation;
Interface standardized by DIV + CSS design, clear structure, reducing revision time, as long as some simple changes to CSS files can be re-designing a new look of the site.

PHPB2B has the features include:
Permit integration
Passes through the integration with the popular Discuz forum and Ucenter center for communication, so as to provide more exchange sites, to increase site visibility;

Member self-help Station features
System comes with a number of sets of members (enterprises) templates for users to choose and install simple, easy to use;

Powerful Control Panel
Using the management console, you can batch review, modify, delete all of the information submitted reception, and configure e-mail, Web site information, sector and geographical region, etc.;

Multilingual support
Support multi-language capabilities, only in the languages directory, add the appropriate language file and the icon, you can switch at the front desk to achieve other languages;

B2B rich modules
System not only has the supply and demand information, portfolio, brand, price quotes, quote, company libraries, exhibition and other common B2B functions, and development of the professional market, industry Wikipedia, the recruitment of professional B2B platform features;

Powerful caching
System provides a database cache, file cache, cache features, frequent use of the cache after the data has greatly improved the site with large amount of data access speed;

Facilitate the management and publishing of advertising
Easy ad management, and calls, you can add pictures, text and Flash image rotation forms of advertising, a back support advertising and advertising editor;

member business information management platform
Business Room is to provide members of management products, supply and demand, where corporate data with business information management, product information management, corporate information management, information management and other business functions;

Published supply and demand for the visitors with free information and other information submitted by professional market
Even if not a registered member, you can publish information, and the program has a title repeat detection automatically, to avoid duplication of information;

To provide instant communications between members of functional
Built-QQ, SKYPE, YAHOO, MSN, and station message so the link between the adoption of user-friendly Web site for more information.