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In due to phpb2b4.3 template changes, it is recommended that the user upgrade to switch the default template to phpb2b, concrete steps are as follows:

1. PHPB2B 4.1,4.2 to 4.3
1) backup database
2) create a folder old, old program in addition to the data, configs, attachment directory other than the program moved into the old directory
3) upload 4.3 program (compressed file upload directory in the package), such as uploading when prompted to overwrite the directory, select “No
4) to re-visit and perform http:// yourdomain/

Reference prompts, prompts cache update, the system will automatically be upgraded.

Upgrade is completed, into the background, updating the cache, and test functions.
After confirming that the upgrade was successful, the old directory files can be deleted.

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